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Sheep breeds


We have small amount of Finnsheep for crossbreeding. Finnsheep is our native breed and belong to the same family of sheep breeds known as the North European Short-tailed sheep. Finnsheep is well known of it´s good fertility. Finnsheep can have even 6-7 lamb at the same time, but normally it has 1-4. Finnsheep is nice and easy animal, but feeding can been challenging because of fertility. Wool is very good quality and suitable for different kind of handicrafts. There is three different color in this sheep, white, black and brown.

In the photo: Finnsheep. (Photo: © Jari Rantala)

Oxford down

We have a small pure bred pedigree flock of Oxford Down. First Oxfords imported to Finland almost 30 years ago. This breed was developed in Oxfordshire in England in the beginning of 19th century (1830) by crossing Cotswold rams onto Hampshire Down and Southdown ewes. What they got, was a large and heavy white sheep with dark colored face and legs. This sheep is large-framed animal with good conformation; deep body with good length. Sheep was developed mainly for meat production and that is the reasons why Oxfords has been very popular as a terminal sire as well.

In the photo: Ram F Ikaros, pure Oxford Down, 4th place on the list of best Oxford Down rams in the Finland in 2014. (Photo: © Jari Rantala)

Crossbred ewes

Crossings are for sheep farmer who want to take best part of both breeds; good fertility with high growth rates. We have commercial flock of Finnsheep x Oxford ewes and use Texel ram for these crossbred ewes. So we get prime lamb with very good quality.

In the photo: pure Oxford Down ewe on the front, Finnsheep x Oxford crossbred ewe on the left side, behind and Finnsheep x Oxford x Texel prime lamb on the right side. (Photo: © Jari Rantala)


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Oxford Down Sheep Breeders Association
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