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Lamb and mutton

Organic lamb and mutton are sold directly to customers. Delivery is in March and in September, October and November, once in a month in Mikkeli and Juva. Orders must be done before delivery. Lamb is sold out as a half carcass, which is chopped and packed in vacuum. Prize is 15 e/kg. Mutton is normally sold out as ground meat, prize is 16 e/kg. Every now and then there is sausage and smoked meat available. Please ask.


White and black “raw” Finnsheep wool is available for spinning or handicrafts. This wool is not washed, only littered wool is separated. Wool cost 5 e/kg plus delivery expenses.


Yarns in natural colors, white and grey are available. Yarns are made from our own wool. One yarn costs 8 e/ 100 g.

Natural dyed yarns

Naturally dyed yarns in different colors are available. Dyeing is done with plants and mostly they are collected around the farm. So colors of these dyed yarns, different variety of yellow and green, display colors of our nature. Most common plants are marsh tea, birch, heather, meadowsweet, fireweed and tancy. Garden plant, like apple tree and rhubarb, are used too. Red colors are dyed by imported plants, such as rubia tinctorum and coccus cacti. Natural dyed yarn is 13 e/ 100 g. Please ask a color card.

Photos: © Jake Kukowski


Skins in two colors, white and black are available and they costs 80 e. Skins are suitable for car seat or sled.

Flocking wool for saddle

Washed and carded flocking wool is available for saddlery. This product is made from pure Oxford Down wool and is suitable for flocking because it´s long fiber. This material is suitable for felting too. It costs 27 e/kg plus delivery expenses.


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